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About Inventi

Inventi was developed by an experienced team of IT, real estate, and facilities management professionals who saw the need for digitization in property management.

Since starting in 2017, Inventi has been implemented into over 120 buildings around the Philippines.

Our Story

Inventi was established in 2017 by a group of Real Estate and IT professionals that deeply understood the challenges posed by manual processes within property management, and saw the need to address these challenges through technology.

Today we are a rapidly growing PropTech company based in the Philippines focused on accelerating the pace of digitization and automation in property management within our shores and beyond.

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Our Values

Empowering Property Management Teams

Inventi empowers property management teams to be more efficient, productive, and provide better service quality to customers and tenants.

Continuous Innovation and Excellent Service Delivery

Inventi is supported by a team of talented developers and property management veterans who are driven by a desire to continuously innovate and provide the best level of service to customers.

Delivering value at an affordable cost

Through lowering costs, keeping tenants happy, and maximizing earnings and valuation, Inventi is committed to unlocking the most value to your property at an affordable cost to you.

Inventi Features

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance


Manage the maintenance of all your assets through a digitized work order system that enables you to create and monitor requests seamlessly

Facilities Management


Provides a digital dashboard for property managers to view and access real-time data within their property

Tenant Management


Provide a digital platform for tenants to file service requests, gate passes, amenities reservations, and much more. Digitize billing generation and collections tracking.

Equipment Management


Create a database of all your assets and equipment and track their location and status

Internet of Things (IoT)


Equip your building with the latest smart meters and other connected devices to seamlessly monitor utiities consumption, environmental factors, and other important data.

Automated Reports


Provide a single cloud-based platform that will automate report generation and digitize reports

Multi-Branch Monitoring


Easily monitor and know the status of all your branches at a large scale.

Document Management


Move away from paper and digitize reports and document management to monitor lease contracts, permits, and other important documents seamlessly

Inventory Management


Monitor your SKUs to avoid stock-outs and easily reorder items through a seamless inventory management system

Vehicle Management


Keep all your vehicles in good shape. Monitor the insurance policies and maintenance schedule of your vehicles.

Utilities Management


Monitor and track your meters and gauges to be updated on the current meter readings and easily input data using our platform.

Viber & messenger Integration


Easily file service requests, receive status updates, and view reports, all from the comfort of the apps that you already have on your phone

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